Alyson Singes

by Caroline Bergvall

Caroline Bergvall has emerged over the past decade as one of the most brilliantly inventive poets of our time, with an approach to acoustic performance that is nothing short of sensational. Alyson Singes overlays Chaucerian sound patterning onto contemporary sites; a dazzling, politically charged realization of diachronic vernacular, the old emerging from the new like mist from a deep fissure.
—Charles Bernstein

bergvallCaroline Bergvall is a writer and artist, based in London. She has developed books and textual pieces as well as audioworks, visual textwork, net-based pieces, live readings and sited performances, in Europe, Scandinavia and North America. Collections of texts and performance pieces include: Eclat (1996 – republ. ebook Ububooks, 2003); Goan Atom (2001- reprint forthcoming); FIG (Salt, 2005), Alyson Singes (Belladonna, 2008), Cropper (Torque Press, UK 2008), and Plessjør (H Press, Oslo 2008). Recent collaborations: sound-text installation Say: “Parsley” (MuKha, Antwerp 2008), & an arts residency with visual artist Rodney McMillian (Hammer Museum, LA 2009). Her critical research is concerned with mixed-media writings, new literacies, multilingual poetics and cultural performativity. She is the recipient of an AHRC Arts Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts (2007-2010).