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Long News: In the Short Century
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A complete archival set (five issues) of Long News: In the Short Century.

About Long News, Belladonna* member Barbara Henning writes,

“In 1990 I started Long News: In the Short Century, working with Sally Young as Art Editor and contributing editors–Lewis Warsh, Chris Tysh, Tyrone Williams and Don Dombowsky. In the third-fifth issues, Miranda Maher joined as art editor and Michael Pelias was also a contributing editor. There are still some issues available (4 and 5). In 1994, Chain Magazine had an issue on gender and editing. and Barbara wrote a piece called “The Editorial We” about the experience editing Long News: In the Short Century. Jacket2 reissued it. The archives for the magazine are in the Yale Library.”

For more information on individual issues click here.