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199. Imani Cezanne: Black Girl Fly
O.O.P. —198. Mahogany L. Browne: ON SELF CARE
197. Erica Lewis: jammin’
196. Sarah Gambito with Edward del Rosario: Power Ballad
195. Julie Carr: REAL LIFE: With Voice and Rights
O.O.P. — 194. Rachel Levitsky in collaboration with the artist Susan Bee: Hopefully, the Island
193. Yanyi Luo: DIARY
192. Megan Kaminski: Providence
190. Natalie Diaz: The Hand Has Twenty-Seven Bones—: These Hands If Not Gods
189. Ana Paula, Angela Nichols, Brenna Lee, Julia Tolo, Masha Jennings, Phoebe Glick, Samaya Abdus-Salaam, and Shaun Marie: STRUCTURAL SUPPORT: Poems from Belladonna* Studio Assistants


188. Kyoo Lee: Writing Entanglish: come in Englysshing With Gertrude Stein, Zhuangzi …
O.O.P — 186. Pamela Sneed: GIFT
185. Janice A. Lowe: SWAM
184. Zhang Er: The Disappearance of Little Fang Family Lane
183. Yu Wang: Relatively Elongated Shore Landscape
182. Christina Olivares: Interrupt
181. JP Howard: bury your love poems here
O.O.P. —180. Sina Queyras: The Endurance
179. Purvi Shah: Dark Lip of the Beloved – Sound Your Fiery God-Praise
178. Dorothy Tse: Excerpts from Snow and Shadow
177. Michael Leong: Li Po Meets Oulipo
176. Lorraine Currelley, Nzadi Keita, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Fakhair Spence: SHIRLEY: Part of a Problem
175. Kimberly Lyons: Soonest Mended
174. Patricia Spears Jones: Stardust, Landmines, and Cartoons: Poems from 2006 to 2014
173. Laynie Browne: Amulets and Letters
O.O.P. —172. Alexis Pope, Chialun Chang, Saretta Morgan, aung.robo, Emma Marshall, Katelyn Peterson, Ra Ruiz, Nina Puro: Internal Combustion


171. Cheryl J. Fish: Make It Funny, Make It Last
170. Natalie Peart: Sixty-One
169. EC Maxe Crandall: Emoji for Cher Heart
168. Cheena Marie Lo: Ephemera & Atmospheres
167. Jackie Wang: The Mosquito is a Problem and Nothing Else
166. Jess Arndt: Moon Colonies
165. Amanda K. Davidson: The Space: Fragments for a Family
164. Stephanie Gray: Place your orders now!
163. Jack Waters: excerpt from Pestilence

162. Judy Grahn: Women Are Tired of the Ways Men Bleed
O.O.P. —161. Rachel Levitsky, Samuel Ace, HR Hegnauer, Lila Zemborain, Maria Damon, Jennifer Scappettone, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Rebecca Brown, and Krystal Languell: Against the Private Zoo
O.O.P. — 160. Ashley Mansi, Jamila Cornick, Liz Page Roberts: Ideas Like Rocks
159. Jena Osman: from A Genealogy of Shares
O.O.P. — 158. Sueyeun Juliette Lee: Juliette and the Boys
157. Carlos Soto-Román: The Exit Strategy
156. Emily Abendroth: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Mighty Tall Order
155. Jen Hofer: all at once and one at a time…
154. Anna Maria Hong: Hello, virtuoso!
153. Cole Swensen: On Walks
152. Julia Drescher, Lee Gough, Dawn Pendergast: Three Leaves
O.O.P. — 151. Celina Su & Ariana Reines: Beyond Relief


150. Room Service: Rachel Levitsky, Hoa Nguyen, Simone Kearney, R. Erica Doyle, Anna Moschovakis
O.O.P. — 149. Jack Halberstam, Brian Pietras, Mark Wunderlich, Ronaldo Wilson, Stephen Motika: Queer Masculinity
148. Mia Bruner, Karl Leone, Christine Shan Shan Hou


147. Transfeminism & Literature, Volume 1: Nicholas Birns, Trish Salah
147. Transfeminism & Literature, Volume 2: T.L. Cowan, Joy Ladin, Trace Peterson
146. Albert Mobilio: Games And Stunts
145. Wendy S. Walters: Untitled
144. Juliana Spahr: Dynamic Positioning
143. tc tolbert: spirare (Limited copies available!)
142. Hannah Andrews, Jane Kennedy, and Jamila Wimberly: Voices of Belladonna*


141. erica kaufman: from Instant Classic (Limited copies available!)
140. Uljana Wolf: Aliens: An Island
139. Hannah Zeavin: from Redress
138. Caroline Crumpacker: Upon Nostalgia
O.O.P. — 137. Ana Božičević: War on a Lunchbreak
136. Elisa Biagini; translations by Eugene Ostashevsky: La sorpresa nell’uovo (The Surprise in the Egg)
135. Amina Cain: Hunger (Limited copies available!)
134. Danielle Dutton: from A World Called the Blazing World
133. Renee Gladman: from Morelia
132. Carmen Giménez Smith: Can We Talk Here
O.O.P. — 131. Cecilia Vicuña: beforehand
130. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa: Selvage: for country
O.O.P. — 129. Lauren Nicole Nixon, Alexandra Beller, Sally Silvers and Rosamond S. King: Body of Words
O.O.P. —
128. Eileen Myles: Dear Lia,
O.O.P. — 127.
Bhanu Kapil: (a poem-essay, or precursor: NOTES: for a novel: Ban en Banlieues)
O.O.P. — 126. Vanessa Place: Untitled #5


125. The Elders Series #8 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
124. The Elders Series #7 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
123. The Elders Series #6 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
122. The Elders Series #5 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
121. The Elders Series #4 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
120. The Elders Series #3 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)


119. The Elders Series #2 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
118. The Elders Series #1($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)

O.O.P. — 117. Kevin Killian: Wow Wow Wow Wow
O.O.P. — 116. Dodie Bellamy: Mother Montage

115. Kathy Lou Schultz: Biting Midge (Works in Prose)
O.O.P. — 114. Jean Day: Daydream (The Eponym)
113. Barbara Cole: from ear say
112. Elizabeth Robinson: Rumor (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 111. Fiona Templeton: Medea in Aia: Part I of the Medead


110. R. Erica Doyle: from Proxy
109. Stacey Levine: Susan Moneymaker, Large and Small
O.O.P. — 108. Maggie O’Sullivan: Windows Opening
107. Harriet Zinnes: IT IS AS IF
O.O.P. — 106. Jen Benka and Carol Mirakove: 1,138
105. Jocelyn Saidenberg: Dispossessed

O.O.P. — 104. Evie Shockley: 31 words * prose poems
103. Rebecca Brown: Always & Like This (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 102. Anna Moschovakis: The Tragedy of Waste
O.O.P. — 101. Patricia Spears Jones: repuestas!
100. Maureen Owen: from Working Papers
99. Laura Moriarty: Ultravioleta Documents
O.O.P. — 98. Deborah Meadows: The Draped Universe
97. a. rawlings: W I D E R
96. Margaret Christakos: My Girlish Feast
95. Kate Colby: from A Banner Year (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 94. Elizabeth Willis: All The Paintings of Giorgione
93. Laynie Browne: Desires of Letters


O.O.P. — 92. Rae Armantrout: Fetch
O.O.P. — 91. Marjorie Welish: Art and Language Writes an Epitaph
O.O.P. — 90. Sharon Mesmer: Vertigo Seeks Affinities
O.O.P. — 89. Dawn Lundy Martin: The Undress
88. Melissa Buzzeo: Near: a luminescence
87. Laura Elrick: Permeable Structures: A Performance Essay in Stereo (excerpts)
86. Myung Mi Kim: from Penury

85. Ann Lauterbach: from Nothing to Say (Limited copies available!)

84. Kim Rosenfield: 10 Perfumes
83. Kathe Izzo: Public & Private Love


82. Rachel Zolf: from Human Resources (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 81. Nathalie Stephens: You But for the Body Fell Against 
O.O.P. — 80. Stacy Szymaszek: hyper glossia
79. Mairead Byrne: Kalends (Limited copies available!)
78. Fernada Laguna, Gabriela Bajerman, and Cecilia Pavón; translations by Urayoán Noel: Belleza y Felicidad (only a few left!)
O.O.P. — 77. Karen Weiser: Heads Up Fever Pile
76. Martine Bellen: NYC Stories / Lessons of the Microscopist

O.O.P. — 75. Lisa Robertson: First Spontaneous Horizontal Restaurant
O.O.P. — 74. Erin Moure: Befallen I

73. Monica de la Torre: Doubles: An Excerpt (Limited copies available!)
72. hassen: Salem (Limited copies available!)
71. Mercedes Roffe: Theory of Colors (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 70. Lyn Hejinian: Lola
69. Corina Copp: Play Air
O.O.P. — 68. Susan Howe: 118 Westerly Terrace
67. Eileen Tabios: The Estrus Gaze(s)


O.O.P. — 66. Nicole Brossard: Matter Harmonious Still Maneuvering
O.O.P. — 65. Renee Gladman: Untitled, Woman on Ground
O.O.P. — 64. Joan Retallack: THE REINVENTION OF TRUTH
63. Latasha N. Nevada Diggs: Manuel is destroying my bathroom…
62. Rachel Daley: You and Me Story

61. Jaimy Gordon: A Month of Love
60. Belladonna* Bilingue: Women’s Work in Translation (v. 2) (Limited copies available!)
O.O.P. — 59. Belladonna* Bilingue: Women’s Work in Translation (v. 1)
58. Lourdes Vasquez: May the transvestites of my island who tap their heels
57. Maria Negroni: Art and Fugue

O.O.P. — 56. Caroline Bergvall: GONG
55. Catherine Daly: Surplice
54. Nada Gordon: SOng of My OWnself
53. Joanna Fuhrman: Belladonna* Moraine


O.O.P. — 52. Susan Briante: Neotropics: A Romance in Field Notes
51. Jen Benka: A Revisioning of the Preamble
O.O.P. — 50. Leslie Scalapino: ‘Can’t is ‘Night’
49. Veronica Corpuz: Untitled
48. Michelle Naka Pierce: 48 Minutes Left
O.O.P. — 47.  Anne Tardos: A Noisy Nightingale Understands a Tiger’s Camouflage Totally
O.O.P. — 46. Minnie Bruce Pratt: The Money Machine: Selected Poems
O.O.P. — 45. Joan Larkin: Boston Piano
O.O.P. — 44. Julie Patton: “Car Tune” & Not So Bella Donna
O.O.P. — 43. Summi Kaipa: from Was.Or Am.
O.O.P. — 42. Maggie Nelson: Something Bright, Then Holes
O.O.P. — 41. Elaine Equi: Castle, Diamond, Swan
O.O.P. — 40. Lydia Davis: Cape Cod Diary
O.O.P. — 39. Suzanne Wise: from The Blur Model
O.O.P. — 38. Eileen Myles: We, the Poets
O.O.P. — 37. Caitlin Mcdonnell: Dreaming the Tree


O.O.P. — 36. Alice Notley: IPHIGENIA
O.O.P. — 35. Lauren Gudath: Animal & Robot
O.O.P. — 34. Tonya Foster: A Swarm of Bees in High Court
O.O.P. — 33. Zhang Er: Cross River . Pick Lotus
O.O.P. — 32. Jennifer Moxley: The Occasion
O.O.P. — 31. Chris Tysh: Mother, I (fragment of a film script)
O.O.P. — 30. Tina Darragh: from rule of dumbs
O.O.P. — 29. Rosmarie Waldrop: Trace Histories
O.O.P. — 28. Bhanu Kapil: from The Wolf Girls of Midnapure
O.O.P. — 27. kari edwards: a diary of lies
O.O.P. — 26. Anne Waldman: [THINGS] SEEN/UNSEEN
O.O.P. — 25. Carla Harryman: DIMBLUE and Why Yell
O.O.P. — 24. Gail Scott: Bottoms Up
O.O.P. — 23. Jocelyn Saidenberg: Dusky
O.O.P. — 22. Norma Cole: BURNS
O.O.P. — 21. Deborah Richards: Put A Feather In It


O.O.P. — 20. Abigail Child: Artificial Memory vol 1 & vol 2
O.O.P. — 19. Lynne Tillman: from Weird Fucks & “Dead Talk”
O.O.P. — 18. Cheryl Pallant: Spontaneities
O.O.P. — 17. Lila Zemborain: PAMPA
O.O.P. — 16. Aja Couchois Duncan: Commingled : Sight
O.O.P. — 15. Adeena Karasick: The Arugula Fugues VII-VIII
O.O.P. — 14. Lee Ann Brown:Reverse Mermaid / The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
O.O.P. — 13. Nicole Brossard: Le Cou de Lee Miller/Lee Miller’s Neck
O.O.P. — 12. Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 43: Gap
O.O.P. — 11. Lisa Jarnot: Nine Songs
O.O.P. — 10. Kathleen Fraser: Soft Pages


O.O.P. — 9. Laura Wright: Everything Automatic
O.O.P. — 8. Mei-mei Berssenbrugge: Audience
O.O.P. — 7. Beth Murray: 12 Horrors
O.O.P. — 6. Laura Mullen: Translation Series
O.O.P. — 5. Eleni Sikelianos: from The Book of Jon
O.O.P. — 4. Fanny Howe: from Indivisible
O.O.P. — 3. Cecilia Vicuña, trans. Rosa Alcalà: Bloodskirt
O.O.P. — 2. Camille Roy: Dream Girls
O.O.P. — 1. Mary Burger: Eating Belief