Belladonna* chaplets are short, raw works (often works-in-progress) by authors who appear in our reading series. These ephemeral, immediate works give insight into a writer’s process and timely concerns. Chaplets have attended Belladonna* readings since the series began in 1999 at Bluestockings Bookstore in New York, New York. The collection, which has grown to over 200 titles, represents a kind of pantheon of radical feminist letters.

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Plain = Out of Print


284. Khashayar Mohammadi: Landlocked
283. Nilufar Karimi: Notes on digging
282. Justice Ameer, Tianna Bratcher, Imani Davis, Julissa Emile, Golden, Yaz Lancaster: We Been Here

281. Jari Bradley: Animalia
280. Chase Berggrun: Encounter
279. Anna Moschovakis: from Preliminary Notes on Risk
278. 최 LINDSAY: Who Can Remember His Past Lives

277. zahra patterson: JIL, an excerpt


276. Zefyr Lisowski: More Notes on Ghosts
275. Gabrielle Civil: Jupiter
274. Laura Henriksen: from Laura’s Desires
273. Sueyeun Juliette Lee: from The Chorography
272. Ella Longpre: Reading Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge July 28, 2019
271. Vi Khi Nao: Así Así
270. Mathilda Cullen: Illyric Elegies
269. Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta: The Future Imperfect

268. Noor Ibn Najam: Systematic Error / Bias // Random Error / Deviation
267. A Rosy Rhombus Exiting My Mouth: A Conversation Between Simone Kearney and Jarrett Earnest
266. Aaron Magloire, Alma Valdez-García, James Loop, Paige Parsons, Rebecca Ramdhan, Zoe Tuck: May No Emails Find You: Poems from the Belladonna* Studio
265. Cathy Linh Che: Zombie Apocalypse Now: The Walking Dead
264. Marwa Helal: Hayseed Rapeseed Cherrypicker

263. Claire DeVoogd: Apocalypses 1 – 12
262. Alisha Mascarenhas: Contagion Fields


261. jayy dodd: Amerikkkana: Revisited
260. María José Giménez: CHELATED
259. Kanika Agrawal: Surface Abstracts
258. oki sogumi: Their Gravity

257. Jasmine Gibson: BC
256. S. Brook Corfman: Frames


255. Emily Skillings, CL Young: Rose of  No Man’s Land 
254. Maryam Ivette Parhizkar: Somewhere Else the Sun is Falling into Someone’s Eyes
253. Alissa Quart: Paid By The Word
252. LJ Roberts: Loons and How They Call to Each Other
251. Camille Roy: Underworld
250. Jeanne Vaccaro: A Collective Mixtape
249. Jeanne Thornton: Please Come Along With Me
248. Andriniki Mattis: Living Btwn The Lines
247. Sahar Muradi: A Garden Beyond My Hand
246. Diana Khoi Nguyen: Unless
245. Pamela Sneed: from Black Panther
O.O.P 244. Gail Scott: from Furniture Music
243. Ru (Nina) Puro: I Give You a Feeling, Sweet Jasmine, an Absence
O.O.P. 242. Raquel Gutiérrez: There’s a Mother in my Lazy Pompadour


O.O.P. 241. Laura Buccieri: Songbook for a Boy Inside
240. K. Lorraine Graham: from Feed
239. Marta López-Luaces: Reminiscences of Echoes 
238. Montana Ray: Mirroring
237. Yumi Dineen Shiroma: A Novel Depicting “The” “Asian” “American” “Experience”
236. Anaïs Duplan: 9 Poems/The Lovers
235. Serena J. Fox: Night Landing
234. Orchid Tierney: Blue Doors
233. Aditi Machado: This Touch
232. Iman Mersal: الصوت في غير مكانه (The Displaced Voice); translated by Lisa White
O.O.P.––231. Abdellah Taïa: 99 Names
230. Javier Zamora: Revising into the Right? Form…Hopefully?

229. Aracelis Girmay: MOTHER     MOTHER     YOU ARE WHO I LOVE
228. Christina Barreiro, Lindsey Hoover, Fatima Lundy, Rupert McCranor, Kayla Park, Chrissy Ramkarran, Asiya Wadud, Rachael Guynn Wilson: Out-Of-Office
227. Baseera Khan: Be Careful What You Wish
226. Maryam Monalisa Gharavi: Alphabet of an Unknown City
O.O.P.––225. Göksu Kunak: I thought this would


224. Sawako Nakayasu: from Some Girls Walk Into the Country They Are From
223. Jai Arun Ravine & Greg Wood: Time Portal
222. Cat Tyc: CONSUMES ME

221. Amelia Bande: The Clothes We Wear
220. Constance DeJong: Jewelry
O.O.P. — 218. Fred Moten: from Day
217. Zohra Saed: Woman. Hand/Pen.
O.O.P –– 216. Mina Zohal: نارنج ها
O.O.P. –– 215. Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves: Close Reading as Forestry
214. Joseph A. Cuillier III: Book of Morning Rituals
213. Sarah Riggs and Etel Adnan: LETTERS RETURNED: Screams Sewn
212. Vi Khi Nao: A Bell Curve is a Pregnant Straight Line
211. Eléna Rivera: LE SOURCI FORMEL the formal concern
210. Hoa Nguyen: YOU THEN A DANG
209. Samuel Ace: OUR WEATHER OUR SEA

208. Aristilde Kirby: DAISY & CATHERINE (Lychnis coronaria) x (Rosa canina)
207. Sarah Francois, Ananya Kumar-Banerjee, Marines Gonzalez DeJesus, Belynda Jones, Savannah Hampton, Yoomee Ohayon, Monica Sun, and Kathleen Radigan: Great Waves


206. Theodore Kerr: JAGGED LITTLE VIRUS: When HIV Is Free From Suffering                    
O.O.P. — 205. t’ai freedom ford: & more black                                                                                                
204. Keelay Gipson: MARY/STUART: a dramatic queering of friedrich schiller’s classic play
203. Aldrin Valdez: ESL or You Weren’t Here
202. Ariel Goldberg: A Century is an Extremely Brief Period of Time for a New Invention
O.O.P. — 201. Wo Chan with images by Jocelyn Yan: ORDER THE WORLD, MOM
200. Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Janice A. Lowe, Purvi Shah, and Evie Shockley: (PRE)CONCEIVABLE BRIDGES
199. Imani Cezanne: Black Girl Fly
O.O.P. — 198. Mahogany L. Browne: ON SELF CARE
197. Erica Lewis: jammin’
196. Sarah Gambito with Edward del Rosario: Power Ballad
O.O.P — 195. Julie Carr: REAL LIFE: With Voice and Rights
194. Rachel Levitsky in collaboration with the artist Susan Bee: Hopefully, the Island
O.O.P. — 193. Yanyi: DIARY
192. Megan Kaminski: Providence
O.O.P. — 190. Natalie Diaz: The Hand Has Twenty-Seven Bones—: These Hands If Not Gods
189. Ana Paula, Angela Nichols, Brenna Lee, Julia Tolo, Masha Jennings, Phoebe Glick, Samaya Abdus-Salaam, and Shaun Marie: STRUCTURAL SUPPORT: Poems from Belladonna* Studio Assistants


O.O.P. 188. Kyoo Lee: Writing Entanglish: come in Englysshing With Gertrude Stein, Zhuangzi …
O.O.P — 186. Pamela Sneed: GIFT
185. Janice A. Lowe: SWAM
184. Zhang Er: The Disappearance of Little Fang Family Lane
183. Yu Wang: Relatively Elongated Shore Landscape
182. Christina Olivares: Interrupt
181. JP Howard: bury your love poems here
O.O.P. —180. Sina Queyras: The Endurance
179. Purvi Shah: Dark Lip of the Beloved – Sound Your Fiery God-Praise
178. Dorothy Tse: Excerpts from Snow and Shadow
177. Michael Leong: Li Po Meets Oulipo
176. Lorraine Currelley, Nzadi Keita, Jacqueline Jones LaMon, Fakhair Spence: SHIRLEY: Part of a Problem
175. Kimberly Lyons: Soonest Mended
174. Patricia Spears Jones: Stardust, Landmines, and Cartoons: Poems from 2006 to 2014
173. Laynie Browne: Amulets and Letters
O.O.P. — 172. Alexis Pope, Chialun Chang, Saretta Morgan, aung.robo, Emma Marshall, Katelyn Peterson, Ra Ruiz, Nina Puro: Internal Combustion


171. Cheryl J. Fish: Make It Funny, Make It Last
170. Natalie Peart: Sixty-One
169. EC Maxe Crandall: Emoji for Cher Heart
168. Cheena Marie Lo: Ephemera & Atmospheres
167. Jackie Wang: The Mosquito is a Problem and Nothing Else
166. Jess Arndt: Moon Colonies
165. Amanda K. Davidson: The Space: Fragments for a Family
164. Stephanie Gray: Place your orders now!
163. Jack Waters: excerpt from Pestilence

162. Judy Grahn: Women Are Tired of the Ways Men Bleed
O.O.P. — 161. Rachel Levitsky, Samuel Ace, HR Hegnauer, Lila Zemborain, Maria Damon, Jennifer Scappettone, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Rebecca Brown, and Krystal Languell: Against the Private Zoo
O.O.P. — 160. Ashley Mansi, Jamila Cornick, Liz Page Roberts: Ideas Like Rocks
159. Jena Osman: from A Genealogy of Shares
O.O.P. — 158. Sueyeun Juliette Lee: Juliette and the Boys
157. Carlos Soto-Román: The Exit Strategy
156. Emily Abendroth: When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Mighty Tall Order
155. Jen Hofer: all at once and one at a time…

154. Anna Maria Hong: Hello, virtuoso!
153. Cole Swensen: On Walks
152. Julia Drescher, Lee Gough, Dawn Pendergast: Three Leaves
O.O.P. — 151. Celina Su & Ariana Reines: Beyond Relief


O.O.P.  150. Room Service: Rachel Levitsky, Hoa Nguyen, Simone Kearney, R. Erica Doyle, Anna Moschovakis
O.O.P. — 149. Jack Halberstam, Brian Pietras, Mark Wunderlich, Ronaldo Wilson, Stephen Motika: Queer Masculinity
148. Mia Bruner, Karl Leone, Christine Shan Shan Hou


147. Transfeminism & Literature, Volume 1: Nicholas Birns, Trish Salah
147. Transfeminism & Literature, Volume 2: T.L. Cowan, Joy Ladin, Trace Peterson
146. Albert Mobilio: Games And Stunts
145. Wendy S. Walters: Untitled
144. Juliana Spahr: Dynamic Positioning
O.O.P. —143. tc tolbert: spirare
142. Hannah Andrews, Jane Kennedy, and Jamila Wimberly: Voices of Belladonna*


O.O.P. — 141. erica kaufman: from Instant Classic
O.O.P. — 140. Uljana Wolf: Aliens: An Island
139. Hannah Zeavin: from Redress
138. Caroline Crumpacker: Upon Nostalgia
O.O.P. — 137. Ana Božičević: War on a Lunchbreak
136. Elisa Biagini; translations by Eugene Ostashevsky: La sorpresa nell’uovo (The Surprise in the Egg)
O.O.P. — 135. Amina Cain: Hunger
134. Danielle Dutton: from A World Called the Blazing World
133. Renee Gladman: from Morelia
O.O.P. — 132. Carmen Giménez Smith: Can We Talk Here
O.O.P. — 131. Cecilia Vicuña: beforehand
130. Tsering Wangmo Dhompa: Selvage: for country
O.O.P. — 129. Lauren Nicole Nixon, Alexandra Beller, Sally Silvers and Rosamond S. King: Body of Words
O.O.P. —
128. Eileen Myles: Dear Lia,
O.O.P. — 127. Bhanu Kapil: (a poem-essay, or precursor: NOTES: for a novel: Ban en Banlieues)

O.O.P. — 126. Vanessa Place: Untitled #5


125. The Elders Series #8 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
124. The Elders Series #7 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
123. The Elders Series #6 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
122. The Elders Series #5 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
121. The Elders Series #4 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
120. The Elders Series #3 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)


119. The Elders Series #2 ($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)
118. The Elders Series #1($15) (purchase this on the The Elders Series page)

O.O.P. — 117. Kevin Killian: Wow Wow Wow Wow
O.O.P. — 116. Dodie Bellamy: Mother Montage

115. Kathy Lou Schultz: Biting Midge (Works in Prose)
O.O.P. — 114. Jean Day: Daydream (The Eponym)
113. Barbara Cole: from ear say
O.O.P. —112. Elizabeth Robinson: Rumor
O.O.P. — 111. Fiona Templeton: Medea in Aia: Part I of the Medead


O.O.P –– 110. R. Erica Doyle: from Proxy
109. Stacey Levine: Susan Moneymaker, Large and Small
O.O.P. — 108. Maggie O’Sullivan: Windows Opening
107. Harriet Zinnes: IT IS AS IF
O.O.P. — 106. Jen Benka and Carol Mirakove: 1,138
105. Jocelyn Saidenberg: Dispossessed

O.O.P. — 104. Evie Shockley: 31 words * prose poems
O.O.P. — 103. Rebecca Brown: Always & Like This
O.O.P. — 102. Anna Moschovakis: The Tragedy of Waste
O.O.P. — 101. Patricia Spears Jones: repuestas!
100. Maureen Owen: from Working Papers
O.O.P. — 99. Laura Moriarty: Ultravioleta Documents
O.O.P. — 98. Deborah Meadows: The Draped Universe
97. a. rawlings: W I D E R
96. Margaret Christakos: My Girlish Feast
95. Kate Colby: from A Banner Year (Only TWO copies available!)
O.O.P. — 94. Elizabeth Willis: All The Paintings of Giorgione
O.O.P. — 93. Laynie Browne: Desires of Letters


O.O.P. — 92. Rae Armantrout: Fetch
O.O.P. — 91. Marjorie Welish: Art and Language Writes an Epitaph
O.O.P. — 90. Sharon Mesmer: Vertigo Seeks Affinities
O.O.P. — 89. Dawn Lundy Martin: The Undress
88. Melissa Buzzeo: Near: a luminescence
87. Laura Elrick: Permeable Structures: A Performance Essay in Stereo (excerpts)
O.O.P. –– 86. Myung Mi Kim: from Penury

O.O.P. — 85. Ann Lauterbach: from Nothing to Say

84. Kim Rosenfield: 10 Perfumes
83. Kathe Izzo: Public & Private Love


82. Rachel Zolf: from Human Resources (Only TWO copies available!)
O.O.P. — 81. Nathalie Stephens: You But for the Body Fell Against 
O.O.P. — 80. Stacy Szymaszek: hyper glossia
O.O.P. —70. Mairead Byrne: Kalends
78. Fernada Laguna, Gabriela Bejerman, and Cecilia Pavón; translations by Urayoán Noel: Belleza y Felicidad (only a few left!)
O.O.P. — 77. Karen Weiser: Heads Up Fever Pile
76. Martine Bellen: NYC Stories / Lessons of the Microscopist

O.O.P. — 75. Lisa Robertson: First Spontaneous Horizontal Restaurant
O.O.P. — 74. Erin Moure: Befallen I

O.O.P. — 73. Mónica de la Torre: Doubles: An Excerpt
72. hassen: Salem (Only ONE copy available!)
O.O.P. — 71. Mercedes Roffé: Theory of Colors
O.O.P. — 70. Lyn Hejinian: Lola
69. Corina Copp: Play Air
O.O.P. — 68. Susan Howe: 118 Westerly Terrace
67. Eileen Tabios: The Estrus Gaze(s)


O.O.P. — 66. Nicole Brossard: Matter Harmonious Still Maneuvering
O.O.P. — 65. Renee Gladman: Untitled, Woman on Ground
O.O.P. — 64. Joan Retallack: THE REINVENTION OF TRUTH
O.O.P. —63. Latasha N. Nevada Diggs: Manuel is destroying my bathroom…
62. Rachel Daley: You and Me Story

61. Jaimy Gordon: A Month of Love
O.O.P – 60. Belladonna* Bilingue: Women’s Work in Translation (v. 2): Sabine Macher, Nathalie Quintane, Joyce Mansour, Paul Éluard
O.O.P. — 59. Belladonna* Bilingue: Women’s Work in Translation (v. 1): Henri Michaux, Genevieve Bernstein, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Sandra Moussempés
O.O.P. — 58. Lourdes Vasquez: May the transvestites of my island who tap their heels
57. Maria Negroni: Art and Fugue

O.O.P. — 56. Caroline Bergvall: GONG
55. Catherine Daly: Surplice
54. Nada Gordon: SOng of My OWnself
53. Joanna Fuhrman: Belladonna* Moraine


O.O.P. — 52. Susan Briante: Neotropics: A Romance in Field Notes
O.O.P — 51. Jen Benka: A Revisioning of the Preamble
O.O.P. — 50. Leslie Scalapino: ‘Can’t is ‘Night’
49. Veronica Corpuz: Untitled
48. Michelle Naka Pierce: 48 Minutes Left
O.O.P. — 47.  Anne Tardos: A Noisy Nightingale Understands a Tiger’s Camouflage Totally
O.O.P. — 46. Minnie Bruce Pratt: The Money Machine: Selected Poems
O.O.P. — 45. Joan Larkin: Boston Piano
O.O.P. — 44. Julie Patton: “Car Tune” & Not So Bella Donna
O.O.P. — 43. Summi Kaipa: from Was.Or Am.
O.O.P. — 42. Maggie Nelson: Something Bright, Then Holes
O.O.P. — 41. Elaine Equi: Castle, Diamond, Swan
O.O.P. — 40. Lydia Davis: Cape Cod Diary
O.O.P. — 39. Suzanne Wise: from The Blur Model
O.O.P. — 38. Eileen Myles: We, the Poets
O.O.P. — 37. Caitlin Mcdonnell: Dreaming the Tree


O.O.P. — 36. Alice Notley: IPHIGENIA
O.O.P. — 35. Lauren Gudath: Animal & Robot
O.O.P. — 34. Tonya Foster: A Swarm of Bees in High Court
O.O.P. — 33. Zhang Er: Cross River . Pick Lotus
O.O.P. — 32. Jennifer Moxley: The Occasion
O.O.P. — 31. Chris Tysh: Mother, I (fragment of a film script)
O.O.P. — 30. Tina Darragh: from rule of dumbs
O.O.P. — 29. Rosmarie Waldrop: Trace Histories
O.O.P. — 28. Bhanu Kapil: from The Wolf Girls of Midnapure
O.O.P. — 27. kari edwards: a diary of lies
O.O.P. — 26. Anne Waldman: [THINGS] SEEN/UNSEEN
O.O.P. — 25. Carla Harryman: DIMBLUE and Why Yell
O.O.P. — 24. Gail Scott: Bottoms Up
O.O.P. — 23. Jocelyn Saidenberg: Dusky
O.O.P. — 22. Norma Cole: BURNS
O.O.P. — 21. Deborah Richards: Put A Feather In It


O.O.P. — 20. Abigail Child: Artificial Memory vol 1 & vol 2
O.O.P. — 19. Lynne Tillman: from Weird Fucks & “Dead Talk”
O.O.P. — 18. Cheryl Pallant: Spontaneities
O.O.P. — 17. Lila Zemborain: PAMPA
O.O.P. — 16. Aja Couchois Duncan: Commingled : Sight
O.O.P. — 15. Adeena Karasick: The Arugula Fugues VII-VIII
O.O.P. — 14. Lee Ann Brown:Reverse Mermaid / The 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
O.O.P. — 13. Nicole Brossard: Le Cou de Lee Miller/Lee Miller’s Neck
O.O.P. — 12. Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Draft 43: Gap
O.O.P. — 11. Lisa Jarnot: Nine Songs
O.O.P. — 10. Kathleen Fraser: Soft Pages


O.O.P. — 9. Laura Wright: Everything Automatic
O.O.P. — 8. Mei-mei Berssenbrugge: Audience
O.O.P. — 7. Beth Murray: 12 Horrors
O.O.P. — 6. Laura Mullen: Translation Series
O.O.P. — 5. Eleni Sikelianos: from The Book of Jon
O.O.P. — 4. Fanny Howe: from Indivisible
O.O.P. — 3. Cecilia Vicuña, trans. Rosa Alcalà: Bloodskirt
O.O.P. — 2. Camille Roy: Dream Girls
O.O.P. — 1. Mary Burger: Eating Belief