Matters of Feminist Practice

Matters of Feminist Practice, a journal of feminist criticism, will form a gathering space for feminist scholars, writers, artists and allies of all genders to engage the pressing issues of our time. We will be considering individuals and systems, personal and collective identities, through as many lenses as possible.

The first issue will be published in print and online, and will feature twenty-five essays on different topics, which range from language as feminist practice to conflict as feminist practice. After the initial print issue, we will move to an open-submission online platform, which will cultivate free, collaborative, and responsive engagement. Each issue will be a conversation – through the essays we publish, shared reading lists and ideas for future topics – toward reimagining feminist practices.

Contributors to the inaugural issue include: Alexis Almeida, Mary-Kim Arnold, Mildred Barya, Teresa Carmody, Julie Carr, Serena Chopra, Caroline Crumpacker, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Marcella Durand, Jennifer Firestone, Yanara Friedland, Carla Harryman, Madhu Kaza, Petra Kuppers, Jean Lee, Rachel Levitsky, Megan Madden, Saretta Morgan, Lida Nosrati, Adrienne Perry, Frances Richard, Kat Savino, Celina Su, and Rachael Guynn Wilson.

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