Art: Annette Knol,

Art: Annette Knol,
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Estimated Value: $300   Monotype prints on paper 11,5 x 19 inches 2016 Annette Knol lives and works in Berlin and Brooklyn. Her work combines an interest in social input with analogue and hand-made processes. She explores the marks of human labour and their ability to communicate perfection and imperfection, as well as their capacity to incorporate elements of chance. Her artistic background lies in the visual arts with an emphasis on drawing and printmaking, though her work covers many mediums (ranging between film, collage, installation, writing and organising workshops). She is a firm believer in art as a potential medium for self-empowerment and change. Both her solo and collaborative practice deal with communication and look into the deliberate choices of inclusion and exclusion. She co-founded and runs the arts initiative Kotti-Shop (2008), the print workshop Copyroboter (2011) and the publishing house Publishing Puppies (2013). Est. Value: $300.00