Art: Ariel Goldberg, “Tarps”

Art: Ariel Goldberg, "Tarps"
Ended at: 2006 days 29 minutes 52 seconds ago
$150.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Krystal Languell at $150.00 USD.
"Tarps," artist proof copy, not matted, framed, 12x18" Ariel Goldberg is a writer and artist. Goldberg has been an artist in resident at Headland's Center for the Arts, The Invisible Dog, n/a gallery, Residencias Artísticas Intercambios and SOMA in Mexico City. They have performed at MoMa, Anthology Film Archives and the New Museum, among other venues. Goldberg is the Friday Night Coordinator at the Poetry Project. Value: $300.00