Art: IIana Savdie, “Sarah Palin No.2”

Art: IIana Savdie, "Sarah Palin No.2"
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Archival Inkjet Print Ilana Savdie (b. 1986, Miami, FL) was raised in Barranquilla, Colombia and Miami, FL and is now based in New York. She holds a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and recently completed an Advanced Painting Intensive at Columbia University. Most recent exhibitions include a solo show at Stream Gallery, an installation at NEWD Art Fair and a solo show at International Playground. ______________ My work investigates the way visual information is organized from the perspective of an ambiguous existence or paradoxical state. Using a combination of digital and painting tools, I examine the entanglements that make up our visual language. Weaving together these two divergent processes undermines boundaries between tool and mark, mark and subject, subject and image. My compositions begin when I pull subjects from the prolific ready-made images of the internet that serve as definitions in our visual culture. Recently, I began engaging with images of facials and facial masks that reign supreme in health and beauty culture. Out of context, these seemingly banal subjects can appear eerie, melancholic, or grotesque in their staged serenity. Rather than simply expose this paradox, I dwell in the act of deconstructing these images with the same digital tools used to construct them in the first place. I draw from my background in marketing of beauty products and use this process to reconcile the various notions of beauty that exist entangled in my own identity. Estimated Value: 1,200.00