Art: Isaiah Gulino, “Four Flowers with Four Blossoms”

Art: Isaiah Gulino, "Four Flowers with Four Blossoms"
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Title: Four Flowers with Four Blossoms by Isaiah Gulino Dimensions: 15"x20" (Mixed media on panel) About the Artist Isaiah Gulino grew up in rural upstate New York. The landscape and agricultural lifestyle of Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes regions allowed him to observe serene natural beauty of his surroundings. Combined with a passion for skateboarding and street art. The ironic combination results in a painting style that presents beauty through decay. A concept developed through his BFA studies in painting and printmaking at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Since then Gulino has made his presence in group shows throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and New Hampshire. Completed numerous commissions and is currently forming a larger body of work for his first solo show to take place in March of 2017. Est. Value: $450