Art: Julia Brandao, “Varal de Pernambuco”

Art: Julia Brandao, "Varal de Pernambuco"
Ended at: 2003 days 15 hours 33 minutes 38 seconds ago
$120.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Vanessa Castro at $120.00 USD.
'Varal de Pernambuco'; (trans. Clothes Line in Pernambuco) fabric on fabric Julia Brandão, born in 1989 in Minas Gerais - Brazil, is based in São Paulo. She began her artistic development with painting seven years ago. Photography and videos also runs in parallel as a way of expression. Currently is dedicated to collages that started with an idea to express her romanticism (colors) and frustrations (words and phrases) through her creativity with daily life elements. All collages, so far, are made by hand and are unique. The interest in digital collages emerged recently and she is dedicated to both techniques at the time. Est.Value: $300.00