Art: Perri Neri,

Art: Perri Neri,
Ended at: 2001 days 14 hours 36 minutes 18 seconds ago
$285.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Rachel Levitsky at $285.00 USD.
Graphite on paper. 26" x 36. Framed. Named "Epiphany" by the founder of Belladonna*, Rachel Levitsky I am interested in the merging of content with the act of drawing and painting. Binary opposition—pain and pleasure; nurturing and torturing; opulence and the mortification of the flesh—set the tempo for a provocative dance between figurative and abstract. The act of painting is a kind of performance, a drama in strong contrasts rich in texture, color, motion, expression, and symbolism. I am discovering a new language by questioning what lies beneath the skin. Soft solid folds, knotted and woven push out what is underneath.  Corpuscular forms rise to the surface writhing and struggling while others are clenched and steadfast. You can learn more about Perri Neri here: Value: $800.00