Art: Rodrigo Villas, “O cântico da terra”

Art: Rodrigo Villas, "O cântico da terra"
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$175.00 USD

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O cântico da terra, Rodrigo Villas Boas (2016) Based on the poem by Cora Coralina. “I am earth, I am life. From my mud, men came first. From me came women, came love. Came trees, came fonts. The fruit comes and the flower comes. I am the great Universal Mother. Your daughter, your bride and in matrimony. The woman and the fecundating womb. I am soil, gestation, I am love.” Cora Coralina*, (transl. by Ana Paula) *Cora Coralina (Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto) (August 20, 1889 – April 10, 1985) was a Brazilian writer and poet.   Value: $250. Shipped from Brazil to the Belladonna Auction. _____ Rodrigo Villas Boas is an artist based between Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.