Artwork: Cecile Chong, Not Alone

Artwork: Cecile Chong, Not Alone
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Cecile Chong, Not Alone, 2017, encaustic and mixed media on ping pong paddle, 10 x 6". Cecile Chong is a multimedia artist working in painting, sculpture and installation in which she layers materials, identities and histories. Her work addresses ideas of culture interaction and interpretation, as well as the commonalities humans share both in our relationship to nature and to each other. Inspired by materials as signifiers, she is interested in how we acquire and share culture, and how world cultures now overlap and interact in ways previously inconceivable. With uncertainty looming in everything from our economies to our weather patterns, She's concerned with the fragility of our civilization despite the universality of its cultural underpinnings. In her work she's been looking at traditional artifacts and wondering what tangible relics we may leave for future generations and what they may say about who we were and how we lived. More about the artist here: