Limited Edition: Lucy Ives + Simone White (Annotated!)

Limited Edition: Lucy Ives + Simone White (Annotated!)
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A bundle of TWO special annotated books! Included: "Of Being Dispersed" (Futurepoem, 2016) by Simone White. "I get this pinwheel relationship to wisdom & history when I read Simone White. I'm in her dream, but it's a remarkable solidly packed one informed by the quotidian rarity of for instance a prose disquisition on lotion and skin and haircare especially in winter. Like Dana Ward's, her work sends me searching. Like what part of speech is here. As I'm wondering Simone sometimes exits first, and I even feel that a real piece of her poem is adamantly not here and that is her privacy, her power & her skill so what kind of quest is it, this beautiful complex & alive work. Here's my best guess. OF BEING DISPERSED is an ur text of the fourth wave of feminism which we come to realize is ocean and women are now standing on it and amidst this clatter of voices Simone White walks."—Eileen Myles + "The Hermit" (The Song Cave, 2016) by Lucy Ives "Stray thoughts are the protagonists of THE HERMIT—they might be the aftereffects of intense focus, yet come across as decidedly eccentric in their resistance to systems (i.e. genre) that might dull their prismatic luminescence. Here they deliver proof of parataxis's poiesis. Ives's exquisite take on ellipsis as realism is a dream, as both vision and something that fully satisfies a wish."—Mónica de la Torre   ______________________________________________________________________________________ Lucy Ives is the author five books of poetry and prose, including an essay and poetry collection, ORANGE ROSES (Ahsahta, 2013), and A NOVELLA, NINETIES (Little A, 2015). Her first full-length novel, Impossible Views of the World, will be published by Penguin Press in 2017. Editor of Triple Canopy, Ives lives in New York City and teaches at the Pratt Institute. Simone White is also the author of House Envy of All the World (Factory School/Heretical Texts) and Unrest (Ugly Duckling Presse/Dossier Series). She is Program Director at The Poetry Project and lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.