Litmus Press book bundle

Litmus Press book bundle
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This book bundle includes three books each from Litmus Press, O Books, and the Post-Apollo Press plus a bonus Litmus art/poetry book. From Litmus: Face Before Against by Isabelle Garron and translated by Sarah Riggs A Transpacific Poetics edited by Lisa Samuels and Sawako Nakayasu The Supposium edited by Joan Retallack Fabulas Feminae by Susan Bee and Johanna Drucker From Obooks: DeathStar/rico-chet by Judith Goldman iduna by Kari Edwards 248 MGS., A PANIC PICNIC by Susan Landers From The Post-Apollo Press: The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom by Leslie Scalapino Of Cities & Women (Letters to Fawwaz) by Etel Adnan Thrall by Susan Gevirtz