Books: NYRB Female Intellectuals Bundle

Books: NYRB Female Intellectuals Bundle
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Includes: "In the Freud Archives" (Janet Malcolm), "Speedboat" (Renata Adler), "Seduction & Betrayal" (Elizabeth Hardwick), "Hav" (Jan Morris)   New York Review Books The New York Times has called The New York Review of Books “the country’s most successful intellectual journal.” According to the Times, “The secret of its success is this: its editors’ ability to get remarkable writers and thinkers, many of them specialists in their fields, to write lucidly for lay readers on an enormous range of complex, scholarly and newly emerging subjects, issues and ideas.” New York Review Books brings together some of the finest writing in science, philosophy, history, politics, the arts, and literature from the Review’s contributors in book format. Included are volumes by such distinguished writers as Freeman Dyson, Martin Filler, Fritz Stern, Daniel Mendelsohn, Joan Didion, Darryl Pinckney, Ian Buruma, Edward Mendelson, and Tim Parks, as well as important nonfiction works by such writers as Renata Adler, Sasha Abramsky, and Benedetta Craveri.