Books: Semiotexte Bundle of Books & Chaplets

Books: Semiotexte Bundle of Books & Chaplets
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Best known for its introduction of French theory to American readers, Semiotext(e) has been one of America’s most influential independent presses since its inception more than three decades ago. Publishing works of theory, fiction, madness, economics, satire, sexuality, science fiction, activism and confession, Semiotext(e’)s highly curated list has famously melded high and low forms of cultural expression into a nuanced and polemical vision of the present. This bundle includes: The Origin of the World by Airiana Reines, The Question of Power: An interview with Pierre Clastres, translated by Helen Arnold, So Far From God by Veronica Gonzalez Pena, Semiotext[e] USA , David Wojanarwicz  edited by Ginacarlo Ambrosino , Note on the Abolition of all Political Parties by Simone Weil , Nicol, Milan by Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Communal Nude Collected Essays by Robert Glück, When the Sick Rule the World by Dodie Bellamy, Animal Shelter Issue 2 Spring 12 , The Origin of the Species by Barbara Barg, How I Became One of the Invisible by David Rattray, The Complete Madame Realism by Lynne Tillman, No Aloha by Deran Ludd, Penny Arcade: bad Reputation: performances, essays, interviews , The New Fuck You: adventures in lesbian reading, edited by Elieen Myles & Liz Kotz Est. Value: $200