Books: Super Belladonna Bundle

Books: Super Belladonna Bundle
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This auction has been sold to Margaret Christakos at $85.00 USD.
"The Wide Road" byCarla Harryman & Lyn Hejinian, Latasha Nevada Diggs"Twerk", Betsy Fagin "All is not Yet Lost, Caroline Crumpacker's "Astrobolism", Mauve Sea Orchids by Lila Zemborain, Theory, A Sunday by Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, France Théoret, Gail Scott, Louise Cotnoir & Louise Dupré, The Elders Series #1 E. Tracy Grinnell & Leslie Scalapino,The Elders Series #2 Bob Gluck & Sarah Schulman, The Elders Series #3 Tisa Bryant& Chris Kraus, The Elders Series #5 Jen Scappettone, Lyn Hejinian, & Etel Adnan,The Elders Series #6 Kate Eichhorn, M. Nourbese Philip,& Gail Scott, and The Elders Series #8 Jane Sprague,Diane Ward, &Tina Darragh. Value: $240