Books: 2 Wonder Books

Books: 2 Wonder Books
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Included: i mean i dislike that fate that i was made to where, Uljana Wolf (trans. Sophie Seita); Poem Without Suffering, Josef Kaplan   Winner of the second Wonder Prize, i mean i dislike that fate that i was made to where brings us Sophie Seita’s playful translations of one of Germany’s most innovative contemporary poets, Uljana Wolf. Being truly between languages, the texts in this collection place themselves squarely against monolingual identity politics, whether invoking Anna O, child language, aphasia, or the isolation of asylum seekers in Bavarian forests. Where the poet discovers multilingual lengevitch, the translator-writer turns the switch, and off we go following the „blur-print“ of their interlaced language: „a spark, a faltering unresting sway; en-wringed.“   Poem Without Suffering is a book-length elegy, composed in slow motion alongside the path of a .224-inch, jacketed hollow point bullet — one that’s been fired into the bodies of at least two children, maybe more. Combining Alice Notley with a ballistics report, Tobias Wolff with Antonin Artaud, Kaplan’s relentless examination of grief evokes a poetics through which the mechanics of atrocity are indistinguishable from those of the literary imagination. At turns tender, comic, and soberingly extirpative, Poem Without Suffering presents a thin column of writing from within a world of ever-expanding cruelty. Estimated Value: $25