Experiences: Poetic Amulet with Kate Schapira

Experiences: Poetic Amulet with Kate Schapira
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poetic amulet (1 of 3 kinds that can be made to order) 1. Amulet to draw something towards you 2. Amulet to push things away from you 3.Amulet to accomplish a task Kate Schapira is the author of six chapbooks of poetry: Heroes & Monsters (Portable Press forthcoming 2009), Figure With Sunspots (Nasturtium Press forthcoming 2009),The Love of Freak Millways and Tango Wax (Cy Gist Press 2009), Case Fbdy and The Painting (Rope-A-Dope Press 2008), and Phoenix Memory (horse less press 2007). Curator of the Publicly Complex Reading Series in Providence. Serves as a Writer in the Schools in Providence elementary schools. Est. Value: $200