Experiences: Private German Lesson with Uljana Wolf

Experiences: Private German Lesson with Uljana Wolf
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Learn German with poet Uljana Wolf! The poet, translator and editor Uljana Wolf was born in East Berlin. Her poems have been published in journals and anthologies worldwide, such asDas Gedicht, manuskripte, kursywa, Poetry Ireland Review, Lyrik von Jetzt (Dumont, 2003),New European Poetry (Graywolf, 2008), Dichten No. 10: 16 New German Poets (Burning Deck, 2008), theChicago Review, Harper’s Bazaar, Luces Intermitentes. Nueve poetas recientes de Alemania(Guadalajara, Mexico) and Telephone Journal. Wolf published two books of poetry, kochanie ich habe brot gekauft (kookbooks 2005) and falsche freunde(kookbooks 2009), as well as the essay "BOX OFFICE" about the prose poem (Lyrikkabinett München, 2009). For her work, Wolf has been awarded several prizes and grants, such as the Peter-Huchel-Preis and the Dresdner Lyrikpreis (both 2006), the RAI Medienpreis at Lyrikpreis Meran (2008) and a grant from the Deutsche Literaturfonds. She translates numerous poets into German, mostly from English, among them Matthea Harvey, Christian Hawkey, Erín Moure, and Cole Swensen, and was the co-editor of the 2009Jahrbuch der Lyrik (Fischer Verlag). A selection of her work in Spanish, Fronteras del languaje, translated by Vladimir Garcia Morales, was  published by La Bella Varsovia/Cosmopoética (Córdoba 2011).  Author photo by Katja Zimmermann. Winner will contact Uljana at  uljana.wolf@googlemail.com Est. Value: $200