Experiences: Select Amazon Review by Kevin Killian

Experiences: Select Amazon Review by Kevin Killian
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Don't miss the opportunity to have poet extraordinaire Kevin Killian write an amazon review of an object of your choice! It can be a book, a movie, or even an everyday product!   P.S: The review does NOT need to be posted on Amazon, nor do we endorse Amazon as a company. Selected Amazon Reviews by Kevin Killian edited by Brent Cunningham 54pp >> $10.00 >>printed in an edition of 200 in August of 2006 >>Selections from the 1,000+ reviews that Killian has written for books, movies, and everyday products on Amazon.com. Subversive and delightful modifiations to a pervasive online art form. Includes an author's introduction and an editor's introduction.<< http://www.hookepress.com/kevin.html   ____________ Poet, novelist, playwright, art critic, and scholar Kevin Killian earned a BA at Fordham University and an MA at SUNY-Stony Brook. Exploring themes of risk, iconography, invisibility, and vulnerability, Killian weaves fragments of misremembered conversation, sex, and cultural ephemera into his collage-based poems. In a 2009 interview with Tony Leuzzi for EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts, Killian discussed the connection he feels to visual art in his approach to poetry: “I do think of myself as an artist in that high-flown way I associate with the visual arts: it’s all in the gesture. It doesn’t matter if the poem is good or bad. What matters is the gesture I’m making with it.” Killian’s poetry collections include Argento Series (2001), Action Kylie (2008), and Tweaky Village (2014), which Macgregor Card chose for a Wonder Prize. Killian’s poems have been anthologized in Best American Poetry (1988, edited by John Ashbery) and Discontents: New Queer Writers (1992, edited by Dennis Cooper). He is also the author of Selected Amazon Reviews (2006); the novels Shy (1989), Arctic Summer (1997), and Spreadeagle (2012); the short-story collections Little Men (1996), which won the PEN Oakland award; I Cry Like a Baby (2001), and Lambda Literary Award–winner Impossible Princess (2009); and the memoir Bedrooms Have Windows (1989).