(SOLD) Fashion & Accessories: A pair of ZouXou shoes (option 2)

(SOLD) Fashion & Accessories: A pair of ZouXou shoes (option 2)
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Chose amongst ZouXou’s gorgeous shoes. Handmade in Argentina. option 2: glove flat/sandal. Winning bidder gets to select which one of the 2 models they’d like, as well as size and color. To learn more about the options or the brand, or to see more photos and colors, check their official website: http://www.zouxou.com/shop/ __________________________ zou xou is named after two style icons: josephine baker, the american entertainer living in paris in the 1930s, and the 1970s french actress/singer/model danièle ciarlet. both were free-spirited, creative women who inspired the collection with their timeless unconventionality and effortless elegance. zou xou is defined by modern, versatile and refined footwear. designed with the city lifestyle in mind, zou xou makes the quintessential everyday shoe. the shoes in the collection are comfortable enough to wear all day yet elegant enough to be dressed-up. the collection blurs the line between the novel and the understated. the shoes are chic enough for those who wish to stand out but also simple enough for the woman who prefers to exude confidence quietly. the shoes are meticulously handcrafted in small quantities by master shoemakers in buenos aires using generations-old techniques and premium argentinean leathers. the collection is designed in nyc by katherine theobalds. Value: $190