Limited Edition: Amaranth Borsuk + Chris Tysh (Signed!)

Limited Edition: Amaranth Borsuk + Chris Tysh (Signed!)
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Amaranth Borsuk's Pomegranate Eater comes annotated with anecdotes about the poems' composition, the book's construction, and the poet's life-choices and debts. The sonically-rich "feast of ingathering" Borsuk spreads before the reader is a harvest at once decadent and cannibalistic: in densely-layered confections, the text's shifting speaker builds and rebuilds an identity in language that we are invited to devour. Through prose poems interrogating the self in the guise of various fruit, epistles obliquely addressing a shadow lover, and dense lexical tapestries whose words seem to point only away from meaning and toward one another, Borsuk lets language speak, directing our gaze at its shimmering surfaces. This book of metamorphoses delights in puns, anagrams, etymologies, and homologies that freight each line with a surfeit of sound and sense. Rather than attempting to cohere, Borsuk's speakers acknowledge their own failings, their shame, and their need for a "thicker skin." When identity arises in relation to others, how does one become self- possessed? these poems ask. And should one? // The volvelle, created in collaboration with the artist Carrie Brodle, is from a limited edition of 500, distributed at the Henry Art Gallery + Olympic Sculpture Park. Contains a moon cento, a doublet, and a found sound poem. More info at: _____________________ Poetry. MOLLY: THE FLIP SIDE transcreates the first half of Beckett's 1951 French novel, narrated by its eponymous antihero who is slowly going nowhere. The hobo lyrics of Tysh's book-length poem open up the unendurable abyss of being, yet zing with vernacular and zany humor: "Gotta check out soon / Be done with dying," Molloy says, but there's a few things he must do first. And so begins the uncanny journey in this poetic B-side of Beckett's masterpiece.   ______________________ Chris Tysh was born and raised in Paris, and studied American literature at the Sorbonne. She was naturalized as a citizen of the United States on July 4th, 1998. Her critical study, Allen Ginsberg, was published in Paris by Editions Seghers in the series "Poètes d'Aujourd'hui." She teaches writing and women's studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. Her books include OUR LADY OF THE FLOWERS, ECHOIC (Les Figues Press, 2013), MOLLOY: THE FLIP SIDE (BlazeVOX [books], 2012), NIGHT SCALES: A FABLE FOR KLARA K (United Artists Books, 2010), CLEAVAGE (Roof Books, 2004), CONTINUITY GIRL (United Artists Books, 2000), IN THE NAME (Past Tents Press, 1994), and COAT OF ARMS (Station Hill Press of Barrytown, 1992). Her Motor City drama, car men, a play in d, was staged at the Detroit Institute of Arts under the direction of Carla Harryman in 1996. She is a 2003 National Endowment for the Arts fellow.