Madonna and Stars by Joan Dickinson

Madonna and Stars by Joan Dickinson
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A lifelong star gazer and astrologer, artist Joan Dickinson began casting "Madonna" charts (natal, progressed, and horary charts of the planets and lights) embedded within particular meditations and medicine made personal by individual histories and needs. Clients live and work with their charts as aspects of home altars, as art in the kitchen, as guardians of the entryways... in all ways. Each chart includes an astrological session as well as original art made specifically for you. These particular Madonna charts have came out of 25 years of Joan working with a Black Madonna that she found in an abandoned barn in rural Illinois. During her years of research, she developed this iconic image as she, herself, came to know and understand the lineage of this Great and Ancient Mother. This piece of art will be handmade uniquely for you using your birth chart information. Upon winning this auction item, you’ll provide Joan with your birth date, time, and location. Once Joan is done reading your chart and creating this artwork, you’ll receive it in the mail. To see more of Joan’s artistic portfolio, please visit her website: