Books: Granary Books Bundle #2

Books: Granary Books Bundle #2
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$120.00 USD

This auction has been sold to Heidi Broadhead at $120.00 USD.
Granary Books - Bundle 2 Threads Talk Series edited by Steve Clay and Kyle Schlesinger ($24.95), Desire for a Beginning Dread of One Single End by Edmond Jabes ($15), Painter among Poets: The Collaborative Art of George Schneeman by George Schneeman ($29.95), A Girl's Life by Johanna Drucker and Susan Bee ($24.95), Inseperable, poems 1995-2005 by Lewis Warsh ($17.95), A Conversation with David Antin by David Antin ($12.95), A Book of Glyphs by Edward Sanders ($24.95), The Book Remembers Everything by Nancy Kuhl ($20.00), A purchase in the white botanica: the collected poetry of Piero Heliczer ($15.95), Brakhage's Childhood by Jane Wodening ($39.95), Do The Math by Ron Padgett & Trevor Winkfield ($20.00), Charting The Here of There by Guy Bennett & Beatrice Mousli ($24.95), No Longer Innocent: Book Art in America by Betty Bright 1960-1980 ($39.95) Total Value: $312.00