Fashion & Accessories: Green Feminist Bomber Jacket by Mariana Iacia (Svetlana)

Fashion & Accessories: Green Feminist Bomber Jacket by Mariana Iacia (Svetlana)
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Feminist Bomber Jacket, Green (size M) Value: $150.00   Mariana Iacia is a graphic and fashion design based in Rio de Janeiro, after many years in New York. After studying at PUC-Rio, she went to Parsons and improved her skills through working experiences with Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Jean-Paul Gaultier and, finally, Stella McCartney, which is where Mariana found her true passion. She’s the creator of Svetlana (, a cruelty free brand that supports causes related to animals and women. All the clothes are manufactured in NGOs — created by Mariana in order to support women who lived in poverty and suffered from abuse and lack of options. As the first vegan fashion brand in Brazil, Svetlana has been growing exponentially and its fashion projects can be found in partners in a lot of countries. Svetlana’s decorative art work is exported to New York, Germany and Tel Aviv through its partnership with WeWork. Her clothing has been worn by Iggy Azalea, Wes Anderson, T.I, amongst others. All the fabrics used in the brand are vegan and biodegradable. Made by women, in Brazil.